A rainforest photographed from above

With respect to our planet:
Let´s capture carbon dioxide.

Joerg Spitzner from DACMA GmbH stands on a ramp in the hall

„Today, nature can´t get satisfaction.
If we stop emitting today, the climate will recover within the next 50 years. Nothing can help nature but nature itself. It is narrow minded to think that technology alone can save the world, but we have to try. So let’s capture carbon dioxide while respecting our planet.“

— Jörg Spitzner, CEO

Our Vision for Gigaton-Scale Direct Air Capture

DACMA GmbH Vision for Gigaton-Scale Direct Air Capture

We need to keep global warming below 1.5°C. This requires a deployment of Negative Emission Technologies (NETs) of around 10 Gt of CO2 in 2050. Natural Climate solutions cannot do it alone. Technology has to give support. Direct Air Capture (DAC) could contribute by covering up to over 50% of those needs. BLANCAIR by DACMA can turn back human-emitted carbon dioxide from our atmosphere by capturing it and sequestering it back into the planet. Have a look at our technology:

four big reactors in a direct air capture machine by DACMA GmbH
a welding engineer in a manufactory welding a part of a reactor for a direct air capture machine by DACMA GmbH
two employees looking at the screen of a software computer of a DAC machine by DACMA GmbH
the inside of a DAC process system by DACMA GmbH seeing all pipelines