DACMA GmbH team about 30 employees standing on the rooftop of the company in Hamburg

DACMA GmbH team about 30 employees standing on the rooftop of the company in Hamburg

BLANCAIR is a product developed by DACMA GmbH, which is headquartered in Hamburg and the No.1 DAC manufacturer in Germany.

Joerg Spitzner with two employees explaining a reactor prototype for a DAC machine by DACMA GmbH

Engineering and building DAC machines

Four employees of DACMA GmbH Hamburg standing in a meeting room
Portrait of Joerg Spitzner DACMA GmbH
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Jörg, the founder and CEO of DACMA GmbH, brings with him a distinguished career as a management director with 40 years of experience in the development of aerospace components at Airbus Deutschland GmbH. Prior to establishing DACMA, he served as the managing director of an engineering office specializing in the aerospace and wind energy industries. For the past three years, Jörg has served as a board member of the Renewable Energy cluster in Hamburg and is a member of Hamburg Aviation. Trained as a chemical engineer at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and holding a welding engineer qualification, Jörg works closely with the leading engineers Alex, Ben and Daniel, bringing a wealth of technical expertise and leadership to the forefront of DACMA’s operations.

With nine years of expertise in wind energy and aircraft manufacturing research, Ben leads DACMA’s development department. Armed with a Master’s degree in Aircraft Engineering with a focus on aerodynamics, he has successfully overseen project implementations across Europe, South America, and Asia. Since the inception of BLANCAIR in 2017, Ben has played a crucial role in ensuring innovation and maintaining high-quality standards throughout the development process.

Alexander holds a Diploma in Automotive Engineering and brings over 15 years of expertise to the table. With a proven track record in leading development teams, he has successfully executed international projects across Europe, Asia, North and South America. His extensive knowledge spans the domains of lightweight design, composites, wind energy, and additive manufacturing.

He possesses a wealth of expertise encompassing operations management, production optimization, and the ability to scale operations effectively.

Daniel is a seasoned professional engineer with two decades of progressive technical and leadership experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he has excelled in managing and delivering large-scale projects in railway infrastructures, wind turbines, and aircraft construction. His expertise extends to certification, justification, and economic analysis, showcasing his ability to navigate complex technical and financial landscapes. Daniel has a proven track record of successfully leading large and diverse operations and development teams. He holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wismar.

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